Bills glossary

For the purposes of applying the provisions contained in

DELIBERAZIONE 28 DICEMBRE 2012 586/2012/R/IDR Autorità dell’Energia Elettrica, il gas ed il Servizio Idrico, (RESOLUTION 28th DECEMBER 2012 586/2012 / R / IDR Authority of Electricity, Gas and Water Service), the following definitions are included in the invoice:

  • Authority is the Authority of the Electric Energy, Gas and the Water Service;
  • Bill or billing document is the document that the SII manager sends periodically to the user in order to invoice the fees related to the services he or she directly or indirectly provided;
  • The balance bill is the bill that invoices consumption based on readings taken;
  • Mixed bill is the bill that invoices both actual consumption and estimated consumption calculated up to the date of issuance of the bill;
  • Water bonus is the sum credited to the final user by virtue of the social benefits provided for by the law;
  • Services charter is the document, adopted in compliance with the regulations in force, which specifies the quality levels expected for the services provided and their methods of use, including the rules for the relationship between users and the SII Operator;
  • End user is the natural or legal person who has entered into a supply contract for own use of one or more SII services. The condominium utilities are in all respects equal to the final users;
  • Actual consumption is the consumption attributed on the basis of two readings / self-readings;
  • Estimated consumption is the consumption attributed on the basis of estimates of consumption calculated up to the date of issue of the bill;
  • Consumptions invoiced are the total consumption accounted for in the bill;
  • Manager of the integrated water service or manager of the SII is the subject that, by virtue of any form of authorization and with any legal form, manages one or more services belonging to the IIS in a given territory, including the Municipalities that manage them in economy;
  • D. M. September 30, 2009 is the Decree of the Minister of the Environment and of the Protection of the Territory and the Sea dated ​​30th September 2009;
  • Reading detected is the measurement of the data expressed by the numerical totalizer of the measurement group collected on site;
  • Integrated water service (Servizio Idrico Integrato-SII) consists of the totality of public services for the collection, supply and distribution of water for civil use, sewerage and waste water purification, or each of the aforesaid individual services, including the collection and supply services to multiple uses and purification services for mixed civil and industrial uses;
  • Type of user is the type of contract, identified basing on the use of the supply, in accordance with the provisions in force;
  • Flat complex users are those users served by a single counter that distributes water to several flat units, even with different uses.
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