Security deposit

The Security Deposit is a sum of money that the user pays to the Operator as a guarantee and that will be returned to the same user after the termination of the contract or after activation of the bank domiciliation, in compliance with the contractual conditions in force.

In the AMAP bill, the Deposit Guarantee regulations have been approved by the Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System (Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica, il Gas ed il Sistema Idrico- AEEGSI) with Resolution no. 86 of 2013 and s.m.i. By virtue of this, the Security Deposit, previously already applied on the basis of fixed amounts, has been restated according to your type of user and the actual consumption recorded in the period indicated by the Authority, re-proportioning them to a period of three months.

In the event that the security deposit thus recalculated is higher than the one previously applied, the difference shown in debt for the user is debited in two installments: the first in the present bill, the second in the subsequent issue.

In the event that the redetermined security deposit is instead lower than the one previously applied, the difference arising from credit for the user is fully reimbursed in this bill.

In the event that, at the time of signing the contract, an Advance Guarantee was paid, this is fully repaid in the present bill, in which the 50% of the Security Deposit calculated as described above was debited; the remaining part of 50% will instead be debited in the next issue bill.

For the new contracts, the deposit is instead calculated on the basis of the average consumption by type of user and the application will take place in three installments: 50% upon activation of the contract, 25% in the first utility bill and the last 25% in the second useful bill.

For condominium utilities the Deposit is equal to 60% of the sum of the values ​​of the deposits of the individual users.

The Deposit is not charged to users who have activated the domiciliation of payments with consumption of less than 500 cubic meters in the previous calendar year and to users who benefit from social tariff facilities of which the Operator is aware.

With the new Discipline introduced by the AEEGSI, the Security Deposit is interest-bearing and, therefore, will be reimbursed, based on the rate of legal interest, to the termination of the effects of the supply contract.

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