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With this APP, all users with water supply contracts in place with AMAP can promptly and easily communicate the updated reading of their meter.

You only need to have the relative SERVICE CODE, shown in the top left corner of the bill (see How to read the bill), and the METER READING (see How to read the meter). After clicking on the “Enter Meter Reading” button, the Service Code will be required

By entering the Service Code and clicking on the “Check Service Code” button, the APP will check in real time on our systems if the Service indicated exists. If not, the user will receive the message “Warning! Incorrect or non-existent supply code”.

If the supply code is correct, the page will open to enter the reading value. By entering the reading value and selecting “Send Reading”, the APP will check the inserted reading in real time.

If it is found to be lower than the last reading detected and already used for billing, the message “The reading entered is lower than XXXX, indicate a higher value” will be generated; vice versa, the reading entered will be automatically acquired on the system and used to issue the final bill.

You can find all the information necessary for the correct reading of the meter at the following link

In addition, there are new features for:

  • Receiving press releases and general information from the Company;
  • Receiving specific information regarding water supply in any street you indicate;
  • Allowing holders of several contracts to manage multiple users for communicating the readings (User index);
  • Possibility to report technical malfunctions (absence of supply, obstructed drains, …) also attaching a geo-referenced photo.





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