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How to read the meter

It is very easy to provide the meter reading for transfer or termination purposes or simply to enable the bill to be calculated on the basis of the actual consumption.



Direct read meter

Here’s how to proceed with a DIRECT READ METER: read the numbers shown in the boxes highlighted in the picture shown above and write down the numbers from left to right excluding any decimals. The hands, in this case, should not be read.


Meters with hands

If you are still have a METER WITH HANDS request a free replacement by sending an e-mail to or call our toll-free number 800 915 333.

In any case, it is necessary to read clockwise only the black hands starting from the one indicating the thousands (x 1000). The hand will almost always be positioned between two numbers: take the smallest number. For example, in this case the thousands hand is positioned between eight and nine, so the value 8 must be taken. Then we proceed to read the hundreds (x100), the tens (x10) and the units (x1) with the same method. The reading in the example is 8,086 m3.

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