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New sewage connection

The following are the instructions for requesting a New Sewage Connection for Palermo:

  • Submit the application for a new sewage connection (applying stamp duty) to the Private Building office of the Municipality of Palermo, attaching the project (duly signed by a qualified professional) from which it is possible to identify the sewage system of the building in question, highlighting the point of discharge;
  • After the Private Building Office of the Municipality of Palermo has issued the relative clearance, the Customer may stipulate the contract for the new sewage connection either at the AMAP SPA Offices in Via Volturno 2, or by filling out the appropriate form showing a copy of the aforementioned clearance and his/her ID document and tax code;
  • AMAP SPA will inform the applicant of the amount to be deposited for the work;
  • After making the required advance payment, the Customer must send a copy of the receipt to the Offices in Via Volturno 2 and, at the same time, he/she will be sent the relative invoice;
  • Once the required sewage connection has been completed, if the advance payment for the works is lower or higher than the actual costs recorded, AMAP SPA will recalculate the works on the basis of the actual costs incurred and issue a balance invoice if necessary;
  • After payment of the sewage connection has been made by the applicant, AMAP SPA will inform the Private Building Office of the Municipality of Palermo of the connection;
  • The process will then be finalised by the Private Building Office of the Municipality of Palermo with the authorisation to discharge the wastewater.

N.B.: The maximum time for making a new sewage connection is 90 days from payment.


Rationalising private sewer lines

By rationalisation we mean the intervention aimed at repairing the private part of the sewerage.

The Private Sewer Line is the part of the drainage system of the user that branches off from the city sewage system to private property.

With an ID document and a copy of the tax code, the Customer holder of the contract (or his/her representative) will be able to stipulate a sewer rationalisation agreement at the Offices of Via Volturno 2, after making the payment of a fee of € 34.09 for receiving an estimate of the costs of the work;

After carrying out an inspection, the Sewer Service will calculate the amount to be paid in advance for the work to be executed;

After making the payment, the Customer must go to the offices of AMAP SPA in Via Volturno 2 to collect the relative invoice;

Once the work has been completed, the Sewer Service will issue a final invoice for the works that is sent to the Customer.

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N.B.: The maximum time established by the Service Charter for the rationalisation and/or flushing out of a sewer line is 30 days from the payment.

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