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New water connection

The documentation listed below can be submitted to our branches in the territory by e-mail:, by certified e-mail to PEC, by fax +39 091.279228 or by post to our offices in via Volturno 2;

For information, call us toll-free at COMMERCIAL INFO 800 915 333.

The following is the documentation necessary for requesting a new connection:

  • Request for new connection made on the appropriate Form;
  • A copy of the identity document of the owner of the building;;
  • A copy of the tax code of the owner of the building;
  • Documentation proving the ownership of the building;
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate (only for companies);
  • Proxy for stipulating the contract, issued by the other joint heir (or heiress) or joint owners of the building, accompanied by a copy of their ID documents (only for joint heirs/heiresses or joint owners);
  • Form for the owner’s authorisation for stipulating the contract, accompanied by a copy of the ID document, rental contract or equivalent (for tenants) Module;
  • Land registry identification data of the buildings concerned;
  • Residence certificate or substitute declaration of residence certificate.

For buildings built before 30 January 1977:

  • Certificate of Habitability (for buildings used as a residential building) or Certificate of construction compliance (for buildings used for purposes other than residential use), or sworn survey drawn up by a professional registered with the Register of Architects/Engineers/Surveyors endorsed by the Court (pursuant to Law 17/94), or invoices proving the use of a public utility (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, etc.).

For buildings built after 30 January 1977:

  • Building permit and related project (certified copies of the originals);
  • Retrospective planning permission with payment receipt (a certified copy of the original) or last bill of a public utility provider (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.), enclosing self-certification proving the ownership of the building.

If the contract is stipulated by the Apartment block Administrator, it is also necessary to produce the following documents:

  • Copy of the minutes of appointment of the Administrator and copy of his/her valid ID document;
  • Copy of the tax code of the Apartment block and of the Administrator representing it.

If the property is owned by a Public Body (for example IACP, Municipality, etc.), authorisation is also required from it.


In case of requests for new connections, submitted on-line, the Company will proceed with the activation of the supply only after receipt of the contract duly signed by the holder and all the necessary supporting documentation.

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