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Transferring an account

The documentation listed below can be submitted through our branch offices on the territory, by e-mail to:, by certified e-mail to, by fax +39 091.279228 or by post to our offices in via Volturno 2

For info call toll-free COMMERCIAL INFO 800 915 333.

Below is the documentation necessary for requesting the transfer of existing contracts:

  • Request for transferring an account made out on the appropriate Form;
  • A copy of your ID document;
  • A copy of the Tax code;
  • Documentation proving the ownership of the building;
  • A copy of the last AMAP bill;
  • A photograph of the meter reading;
  • A copy of the Chamber of Commerce Certificate (only for companies);
  • A copy of the minutes of appointment of the pro-tempore administrator and a copy of the tax code of the apartment block (only for Apartment blocks);
  • Proxy for the transfer issued by other joint heirs or other joint owners of the property (only for joint heirs or joint owners – accompanied by a copy of their identification documents);
  • Authorisation to stipulate the contract issued by the owner, accompanied by a copy of the identification document, rental contract or equivalent certificate (for tenants) Form;
  • Land registry identification data of the buildings concerned (or substitute statement);
  • Residence certificate or substitute residence certification Form.

The persons entitled to apply are:

  • Owners or their representatives (attach a copy of the identity document of the owner or of the representative);
  • Tenants or beneficial owners of the building;
  • Joint heirs or joint owners of the building;
  • The administrator or his/her representative (for companies) substitute statement;
  • The pro-tempore administrator (for Apartment blocks).

In the case of death of the contract holder, the heir or a person residing in the property where the utility is located may request the “transfer free of charge” (with only the cost of stamp duty) pursuant to Article 16 of resolution No. 655/15 of AEEGSI, by submitting an application (Form), accompanied by a death certificate or by the following Substitute Statement and assume all rights and obligations of the former holder of the supply contract.

If the property is owned by a Public Body (for example IACP, Municipality, etc.), authorisation is also required from it.

If there are any pending disputes, it is not possible to request the transfer.

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