The Company

Our Mission

AMAP SPA is the manager of the integrated water service in 35 Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Palermo and operates in the following business sectors:

  • Collection and supply of water from various sources (reservoirs, springs, wells, river derivations);
  • Water purification and distribution for residential use;
  • Sewerage and water disposal;
  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Wastewater refining for reuse (under construction).

Serving a basin of more than 1.2 million inhabitants, AMAP SPA has become the largest wholly-owned public company for integrated water service management in Italy, second only to the Apulian Aqueduct.

The aim of AMAP SPA is to extend its consolidated experience, combined with the wealth of technical knowledge and resources possessed by the other Municipalities belonging to the ATO 1 Palermo area, ensuring the constant protection of water resources and the environment.

Improvement of the service to the benefit of the territory and end users is the priority objective of our company which intends to aggregate the management of municipal facilities in a single basin by implementing a policy of integration and optimisation of the water supply.

The company expresses and shares the following fundamental values with its employees:

  • Respect and protection of the environment
  • Safety for its employees
  • Quality of service for the citizens
  • Proper remuneration for the economic subjects of the territory.
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