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Water, a precious commodity

9 July 2018 - Institutional Campaign -

Water is a precious commodity and is an essential condition for life.

Our body is mainly composed of water and depends on it for our health and the life of our entire planet.

Drinking water is not an inexhaustible and unlimited resource, therefore it must be preserved and used especially for primary needs: drinking, cooking, washing; moreover, it must not be wasted.

Our climate is changing, like the climate of the whole planet. We notice this from prolonged periods of drought and rain that in recent years has fallen with increasingly irregular and discontinuous frequency. In particular, the lack of rainfall that occurred during the autumn-winter period drastically reduced the volume of water in the reservoirs serving the city of Palermo and the coastal areas.

AMAP SPA has distinguished itself in researching and activating new sources of supply, such as the recent implementation of the new Scillato pipeline and the reactivation of the Bonanno, Bugino and Bellolampo city wells, and is engaged daily in the search for and reduction of leakages on the water network.

AMAP SPA has undertaken to pay ENEL (Electricity production company) for the lack of production of electricity in order to continue using the water coming from the reservoir of Piana degli Albanesi.

It is however necessary for everyone to contribute to the protection of water resources, by reducing waste and adopting environmentally sustainable behaviour.

AMAP SPA gives suggestions to avoid consuming more water than is necessary. Putting them into practice helps to preserve such a precious asset for our community and, at the same time, to receive less costly bills.

  • Apply aerators to the taps: they are very cheap and save thousands of litres of water a year
  • When brushing your teeth, or shaving, just run the water you need, otherwise close the tap;
  • Do not spend too much time in the shower;
  • Choose your toilet flush carefully and opt for a model that provides a double flush, both 6 and 12 litres;
  • Repair leaking taps, and always install aerated taps: they maintain the same pressure and halve consumption;
  • Use the washing machine and the dishwasher only when fully loaded;
  • Check the meter at regular intervals;
  • Always close the main water shutoff valve when leaving for many days;
  • Get rid of old appliances and equip yourself with “Energy star” ones: you will save up to 50% of water;
  • Do not defrost food under running water, but leave it in the air or in a basin.
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